Rainbow Sweater

 This is the sweater I have started for my nephew Raistlin (Elmo). I love the colours of this yarn. It is the new Mosaic by BERNAT. It feels like a cotton rather then an acrylic and is just so light yet warm. This is going to go nicely with the Rainbow Brite Star blanket I have made for him already.

This is going to be one of the Christmas presents from me. I started on this the day after I received the yarn on my way home from Creativ Festival.

I worked with Michael Sellick from
The Crochet Crowd. He is the one that
introduced me to this wonderful product.

If you notice the Jelly Belly Tin in the background it is holding my stitch markers/paper clips and it is a Tin. I love it as well.


Completed the sweater next to buttons but have a bag of some that would be perfect, different colours and all the same shape. Thanks to a swapper I have met.

I hope it fits at Christmas as it is for a 6mth old and he is growing like a weed. 2mth old as of Sun and is getting to be a big boy. Can't wait to meet him and spoil him in person.

I just love this one so much. I love the way the colours lined up. Had to work the yarn a little bit but not much.

This will go so well with the Rainbow Brite Star blanket I have made for him already. With the deeper colours it is suitable for a boy or a girl, and perfect colours for fall and winter.


Rainbow Brite Star Blanket and Blue

These are 2 of the 3 star blankets I have done.

The first one is a Bright Rainbow style for my sister and her new baby. My Nephew Raistlin will be the envy of the Day care with this blanket.

I made a 2nd one and don't have pictures of it. I made it as a gift for someone from Swap-Bot. A wonderful giving woman. I received some templates for learning to smock and am on my way with that.

The 2nd blanket is for a swap for an item for my oldest Daughter. She is a fan of the Heath Ledger Joker so my partner is making her one. Just hope she likes it.


'Rocket' Light Baby blanket

Finished this in a week-end. Just a basic variation of the granny square. I think somewhere it might be called a Lemonade Stitch but not sure.

I had a blast making this one and didn't even realise till I went to put in my 3rd colour on another scrap wool baby blanket.

Getting some of my stash used up and this time was very cute...or at least I think so


Christening Set

Started a Christening Set on 24-2-11 and it is coming along perfectly.

I am almost done the gown. It is so light and airy. With a light lining done it will be perfect for any time of year.

I think I know who I am making it for but we never know. I might find something else that I like after getting this one finished...

Unfortunately I will have to find something else to make for my daughter for her Baptismal as these patterns don't go up to her size and her father and I have stalled on the decision...mixed families...gotta luv us


Knitting Looms

So I picked up a set of knitting looms the other day. I have been making a few hats with it for various people. I have been looking at various patterns for them so that I can try to make lots more stuff.

I am having fun with them. The husband is willing to try his hand at them once I have mastered a few things on it to teach him.

I have been having fun playing with the youngest, starting potty training and then my crafts. I am one busy stay at home mom, and I love it


Hop Hop

This is the first Easter gift I did for my youngest. She was just playing with it going 'Hop Hop'

My mother made a version of this same toy for me that many years ago but it was a puppet not a doll


Baby Cocoon

This is the baby cocoon that I am making.

I started this yesterday between other projects and household work.

Being a stay at home mom can be great...get to spend time with the most important people in my life and do what I love to do...take care of them

 Finished this last night and then did the little cap to go with today...

now to find a little one to make sure of the size.

Charity Baby Blanket

  This is the blanket that I did up for Craft for the Cure. I made it up with scrap worsted weight yarn that I had.

I think I did a great job on it...now to send it to Walkerton to Mikey for The Crochet Crowd.

Joee kept trying to play with it thinking it was another blanket for her to play with...she loves her blankets


Ok so today I have worked on the 2 blankets I have on hook. I haven't started anything new, need to get some of my current projects done and on their way.

So the one blanket is the baby blanket in blue on the baby items page, the other is a scrap blanket for a baby. It is going to be donated to a hospital for a premie to go home.

I have to find a way to fund this love for yarn that I have. Gives me something to do with my time when I am home...which is most of the time.


I received my set of crochet hooks today. I ordered them last week as I noticed that I didn't have many of the steel ones that I needed for some of the things I am thinking of making, and my set is mostly mismatched

I also got myself 2 books with different sock patterns to try out (now to just get the wool for them)

I now have the hook that I need for some of the baby items I want to make as well as the hooks for almost everything else...

Now to get more wool...Bahahahaha


Welcome to my page

Hello all. From Belleville, Ontario here but have been both east and west. To this point love the west (sorry east).
I just picked crocheting up again after a long time of nothing or very sporadic use of my hooks. Only had a limited hooks to begin with. I have finally ordered myself a complete set. Every time I am in my local craft store they happen to be out of stock.
In the last couple of years I have completed quite a few items (not all pictures available yet). I guess the new addition to my family and then all the ones that are coming has finally inspired me to continue.

 2 of my inspirations...2 of the most beautiful women I know...would have it any other way.

These 2 girls keep me on my toes and busy.


First Baby Sweater

This is the first baby sweater that I made. It was for my daughter.

It is the first shaped item that I did and worked on.

It wasn't the easiest of tasks at times but I muddled through and it came out great.

And as you can see, it still fits her a yr later, don't know how much longer but still works for now


Hubby's Toque and Scarf

My Hubby needed a toque and scarf for our cold winter this yr.

His favourite teams colours as you can tell.

The scarf is done in a basic Afghan or TSS stitch. I found the pattern for the toque online for free and just made the adjustments that were required.

This was one of his Christmas presents from us this year.

As you can tell he is not much of a model.

Blue Blanket - Baby

We have babies coming to join the family…not sure of the sex of the new ones but still getting started to welcome the new family

Not sure of all the sexes but if I make a few of each style then they will all be covered.

I am starting with one then on to the others.

This is a work in progress. But it is a start.

Here is the link to the pattern I used: Entrelac in the Round


The blanket is about 1/3 done at this time. I am having fun with it and it is working up like a charm.


At this point I am half way through the yarn that I have for this blanket so I would dare to say that I am half way done. Will need to get another colour to do the border on it. I am loving the way it is working up and how fast. I am also working on a blanket from left over worsted weight to donate to charity.

NIN Tibetan Hat

My oldest wanted a Tibetan Hat but didn’t want a standard pattern. She can be quite picky with her clothing items.

I made this up in about a day when I got the final one done.

I tried the pattern 3 times before I got it right. up to that point it wasn’t working out as the Tibetan style.

Once I got the pattern completed and given to her she wore it for a week (think she slept in it as well)

Crib Cover

Started making this after I found out that I was pregnant with number 2. We didn’t want to spoil the surprise so I made it neutral so it could still be used.

During the holidays I had forgotten it at the in-laws but was still able to complete within the time when I got it back.

Baby 2 came home in the blanket.

Granny Blanket

Did up the first blanket for my oldest. I choose colours that I knew she enjoyed, and that would go with a various of decors.

I just did basic Granny Squares, edged in the alternate colour. At the last minute I joined with an alternate colour…I was working in the colours of her team.

She has not slept a night at home without.