Christening Set

Started a Christening Set on 24-2-11 and it is coming along perfectly.

I am almost done the gown. It is so light and airy. With a light lining done it will be perfect for any time of year.

I think I know who I am making it for but we never know. I might find something else that I like after getting this one finished...

Unfortunately I will have to find something else to make for my daughter for her Baptismal as these patterns don't go up to her size and her father and I have stalled on the decision...mixed families...gotta luv us


Knitting Looms

So I picked up a set of knitting looms the other day. I have been making a few hats with it for various people. I have been looking at various patterns for them so that I can try to make lots more stuff.

I am having fun with them. The husband is willing to try his hand at them once I have mastered a few things on it to teach him.

I have been having fun playing with the youngest, starting potty training and then my crafts. I am one busy stay at home mom, and I love it