No I haven't been. I have been immersed in the land of yarn and crochet. I entered into a local fair for Labor Day week-end this year. I won 4 ribbons for 4 entries.

I have opened my Etsy shop and am taking orders and crocheting up a storm.

My store can be located HERE. All items on my page can be created in any choice of colors, sizes.

I will be adding more here as well as a direct link to the store so if you are interested in anything you just need to contact me and I will do my best to assist you.

Payments will be by PayPal and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look.

This is just on of the items that I have worked on and completed recently 


Floppy Bunny Hat

  So this is a Floppy Bunny Hat. Was going to make it for the DD but unfortunately it was too small for her head. And too small for my God-Daughter as well. But that is ok. I am making another one already and it is almost done.

I used one of her dolls to hold the hat while I took the pictures.

I think it is very cute and can't wait to display one on my own model.  What do you think?


Waterfall Slouch Hat

So I have made a few hats with this pattern. I love it. So has everyone that has seen it. My oldest daughter had said to me that she would wear the hat if it was in a color or pattern she liked. So off to the different pages to find her a yarn for the hat. Well Bernat had the yarn she liked. In the Mosaic line. I had been thinking Ninja for her hat as she likes blacks and greys. Well it had a purple in it and she wasn't into the purple. So we looked again and Waterfall jumped out at us. I asked her and she loved it.

So when I set out to get the supplies for the Horse Bonnet I picked up the ball that I needed for this.

I am so loving the way the colors are blending in this hat. She likes it too


Horse Bonnet with Jewels

So I got a request for a horse bonnet with some jewels. So I did some research, looked at one that had been purchased and set out on my way.

So this is what I have so far. Just putting the bands on it for the other color this is Pale Yellow from Red Heart Super Saver. There will be Hot Pink and a Petal Pink will also be used.

Have some heart crystals that I will be putting on that glimmer when they catch the light.

Stay tuned for more.


So I have completed the Horse Bonnet. Here are some of the images of the starting items and completed item.

So this is the items that I started with. The first picture is everything. The Pale Pink and Pale Yellow are from Red Heart. The Hot Pink is from Patons. And the Gems are a Clear heart that glistens in the light.
These next 2 images are the Gems at a closer view so that you can see the way they glisten in the light. There is the close up image to see the hearts and the far image to see the way they look in the light.
 I hope the young girl likes what I have chosen for her.
This is the finished item. I created the ears and machine sewed them on. . I am very impressed by how it turned out.

Just waiting to see if the young lady liked it. Could possibly end up with some sales from this as well.

I loved the finished item.


Aura Stripes

This is a slouchy hat that I am working on. I am about 85% at this point. Still have enough yarn left to make a pair if mittens.

So the hat is finished. Working on the mitts at this time. Loving this yarn so much.



So here is the finished hat with the mitts over 75% complete. What do you think of them so far.

I am also loving the crochet hook you see there. It was made for me by a swap-bot friend. I just love it. To the point of either getting more, learning how to make, or swap for more of them.



Happy New Year everyone. I completed 22+ projects over the course of a year. That is amazing for me. I also have a few that I am still working on.

I have met some wonderful people over this past year. From Swap-Bot.com and from The Crochet Crowd. Mikey is 'da bomb' when it comes to working with his hands. I am so glad I got a chance to meet him and work with him.

Looking forward to meeting up with him again at the next Festivals. My year has been so creative and full of items from all over the country.

I am loving my Swapping friends as well as everyone else I have met in my Creative Circles.

Happy New Year again and I hope it is a creative year for you as well.