Horse Bonnet with Jewels

So I got a request for a horse bonnet with some jewels. So I did some research, looked at one that had been purchased and set out on my way.

So this is what I have so far. Just putting the bands on it for the other color this is Pale Yellow from Red Heart Super Saver. There will be Hot Pink and a Petal Pink will also be used.

Have some heart crystals that I will be putting on that glimmer when they catch the light.

Stay tuned for more.


So I have completed the Horse Bonnet. Here are some of the images of the starting items and completed item.

So this is the items that I started with. The first picture is everything. The Pale Pink and Pale Yellow are from Red Heart. The Hot Pink is from Patons. And the Gems are a Clear heart that glistens in the light.
These next 2 images are the Gems at a closer view so that you can see the way they glisten in the light. There is the close up image to see the hearts and the far image to see the way they look in the light.
 I hope the young girl likes what I have chosen for her.
This is the finished item. I created the ears and machine sewed them on. . I am very impressed by how it turned out.

Just waiting to see if the young lady liked it. Could possibly end up with some sales from this as well.

I loved the finished item.