Cold weather gear

here are different items I have made for the weather we have here


NIN Tibetan Hat

My oldest wanted a Tibetan Hat but didn’t want a standard pattern. She can be quite picky with her clothing items.

I made this up in about a day when I got the final one done.

I tried the pattern 3 times before I got it right. up to that point it wasn’t working out as the Tibetan style.

Once I got the pattern completed and given to her she wore it for a week (think she slept in it as well)




Hubby's Toque and Scarf

My Hubby needed a toque and scarf for our cold winter this yr.

His favourite teams colours as you can tell.

The scarf is done in a basic Afghan or TSS stitch. I found the pattern for the toque online for free and just made the adjustments that were required.

This was one of his Christmas presents from us this year.

As you can tell he is not much of a model.


Rainbow Baby Sweater

 This is the sweater I have started for my nephew Raistlin (Elmo). I love the colours of this yarn. It is the new Mosaic by BERNAT. It feels like a cotton rather then an acrylic and is just so light yet warm. This is going to go nicely with the Rainbow Brite Star blanket I have made for him already.

This is going to be one of the Christmas presents from me. I started on this the day after I received the yarn on my way home from Creativ Festival.

I worked with Michael Sellick from
The Crochet Crowd. He is the one that
introduced me to this wonderful product.

If you notice the Jelly Belly Tin in the background it is holding my stitch markers/paper clips and it is a Tin. I love it as well.


Completed the sweater next to buttons but have a bag of some that would be perfect, different colours and all the same shape. Thanks to a swapper I have met.

I hope it fits at Christmas as it is for a 6mth old and he is growing like a weed. 2mth old as of Sun and is getting to be a big boy. Can't wait to meet him and spoil him in person.

I just love this one so much. I love the way the colours lined up. Had to work the yarn a little bit but not much.

This will go so well with the
Rainbow Brite Star blanket I have made for him already. With the deeper colours it is suitable for a boy or a girl, and perfect colours for fall and winter.


Aura Stripes

This is a slouchy hat that I am working on. I am about 85% at this point. Still have enough yarn left to make a pair if mittens.

So the hat is finished. Working on the mitts at this time. Loving this yarn so much.



So here is the finished hat with the mitts over 75% complete. What do you think of them so far.

I am also loving the crochet hook you see there. It was made for me by a swap-bot friend. I just love it. To the point of either getting more, learning how to make, or swap for more of them.


Waterfall Slouch Hat

So I have made a few hats with this pattern. I love it. So has everyone that has seen it. My oldest daughter had said to me that she would wear the hat if it was in a color or pattern she liked. So off to the different pages to find her a yarn for the hat. Well Bernat had the yarn she liked. In the Mosaic line. I had been thinking Ninja for her hat as she likes blacks and greys. Well it had a purple in it and she wasn't into the purple. So we looked again and Waterfall jumped out at us. I asked her and she loved it.

So when I set out to get the supplies for the Horse Bonnet I picked up the ball that I needed for this.

I am so loving the way the colors are blending in this hat. She likes it too