Broadway imPress Unimpressed

 So I received some Broadway imPress nails. I thought: 'This is great. I don't have to go to the salon to get the length I need/want'.

Then I tried them. Ok preparing the nails wasn't too hard. Cleaned with alcohol wipe. Found my sizes. Put them on. So far so good. Waited about 30 minutes or so before doing anything major with my hands.

Fast forward 2.5 hours. I am working on the computer and off comes one of my nails. Tried to put it back on and had to use GLUE. Ok I am rough with my hands. 30 minutes later and the same one on the other hand came off. Glue to put it back on.

Fast forward 2 more hours and I am doing some repairs on clothes and I crack one of the nails.

This was just the first day. Not even 5 hours.

I tried the second set about a week ago and the same issues with them.

I also found that if you have a flatter nail bed these are not the product for you. Might be good for a day or 2 but no more than that as they start to pull on the natural nail and it doesn't feel comfortable.

Would I use again? I don't think so. My nail wraps at least let my natural nail remain in natural position. Stay in place. If I need nails. Guess a Home Manicure will work.