Hop Hop

This is the first Easter gift I did for my youngest. She was just playing with it going 'Hop Hop'

My mother made a version of this same toy for me that many years ago but it was a puppet not a doll


Baby Cocoon

This is the baby cocoon that I am making.

I started this yesterday between other projects and household work.

Being a stay at home mom can be great...get to spend time with the most important people in my life and do what I love to do...take care of them

 Finished this last night and then did the little cap to go with today...

now to find a little one to make sure of the size.

Charity Baby Blanket

  This is the blanket that I did up for Craft for the Cure. I made it up with scrap worsted weight yarn that I had.

I think I did a great job on it...now to send it to Walkerton to Mikey for The Crochet Crowd.

Joee kept trying to play with it thinking it was another blanket for her to play with...she loves her blankets


Ok so today I have worked on the 2 blankets I have on hook. I haven't started anything new, need to get some of my current projects done and on their way.

So the one blanket is the baby blanket in blue on the baby items page, the other is a scrap blanket for a baby. It is going to be donated to a hospital for a premie to go home.

I have to find a way to fund this love for yarn that I have. Gives me something to do with my time when I am home...which is most of the time.


I received my set of crochet hooks today. I ordered them last week as I noticed that I didn't have many of the steel ones that I needed for some of the things I am thinking of making, and my set is mostly mismatched

I also got myself 2 books with different sock patterns to try out (now to just get the wool for them)

I now have the hook that I need for some of the baby items I want to make as well as the hooks for almost everything else...

Now to get more wool...Bahahahaha


Welcome to my page

Hello all. From Belleville, Ontario here but have been both east and west. To this point love the west (sorry east).
I just picked crocheting up again after a long time of nothing or very sporadic use of my hooks. Only had a limited hooks to begin with. I have finally ordered myself a complete set. Every time I am in my local craft store they happen to be out of stock.
In the last couple of years I have completed quite a few items (not all pictures available yet). I guess the new addition to my family and then all the ones that are coming has finally inspired me to continue.

 2 of my inspirations...2 of the most beautiful women I know...would have it any other way.

These 2 girls keep me on my toes and busy.


First Baby Sweater

This is the first baby sweater that I made. It was for my daughter.

It is the first shaped item that I did and worked on.

It wasn't the easiest of tasks at times but I muddled through and it came out great.

And as you can see, it still fits her a yr later, don't know how much longer but still works for now