L'Oreal Preference Infinia VoxBox

On February 29th as I was sitting in the house there was a knock. I received my Influenster VoxBox. I couldn't wait to get started. 

Received free for Review purposes from Influenster
This is the box that was delivered to me. Very nice looking box.

So I started my prep work and making sure that I had someone here to help me. I don't have short hair so doing the colour myself isn't easy.

So all my prep work for my hair was done (cleaned the day before the colour) and I got my assistant over to help (my 22 year old daughter makes a great assistant)

 So this is what came in my kit. 2 boxes of dye. (I just used one as my hair isn't thick as it used to be) 

Superior Preference Infinia in Red Mahogany I5R. It is darker than my original colour but that is part of what I was hoping for.

 So this is my natural colour other than the Deep Red at the top. That is what was left from my last Dye.

I have tricky hair that can cause a blotchy set in my colour and the main reason that I tend to stick to my natural colours.  I love my Red hair and has taken my this many years to embrace it I don't want to loose it to Silver too soon.

Ok so it is dye time. We have all the glorious product in my hair. This took the complete bottle of colour.

Peroxide level is 20% so if you are looking for something with a lighter level this is not the one you are looking for. I was convinced that the 20% in this one was going to cause the blotchy application again.

You will see the results.

 So here is the fresh cleaned hair waiting to dry to see how everything went.

So far, so good.
 View from the side
So here we are drying up. Colour is rich

I have no Blotches! I love the colour and cannot wait to see how it is in 2 weeks.

After a week

So the colour has been in for just over a week now. As you can see it is doing the same thing all dyes have been doing to me after time.

I look like I have used 2-3 different colours in my hair and not in a blend but it is blotching again. 

As I stated earlier in this post, They use a peroxide level of 20. If you are just colouring your hair (darker or adding a darker colour) you do not need to strip your hair. 

I am honestly wondering when or IF someone is going to make a hair colour that is designed specific for those colouring not altering their colour. 

After Colour Refresh

So this is just after the Colour Refresh. I still have patchy colour. This dye isn't for a Natural Redhead that only covers grey. 

I do not think I am satisfied with this product by any means. 

Here is the before refresher and after. As you can see it does punch up the colour but it doesn't do anything to rectify the colour issue that is going on.